Wheat Straw Hay

Wheat straw Hay is an agriculture by-product which is being used as animal fodder. Wheat Straw is an agricultural by-product, the dry stalks of wheat plants, after the grain and chaff have been removed.It has a low digestible energy and nutrient content. The heat generated when microorganisms in a herbivore’s gut digest straw can be useful in maintaining body temperature in cold climates.

Wheat Straw is used into the feeding program during the pregnant cows in their’ second-trimester it is very useful. In this stage, their requirements for protein and energy are way lower than late in pregnancy and during early lactation. Importers usually get bulk straws because bales of straw can be used for a long period of time. 

Wheat Straw Quality By Mbu Traders

Mbu Traders
offer the best quality Wheat straw hay for export. The protein content of our straw’s ranges from 6 to 8%. Our fibre content varies from 25 to 65%. We have analyzed our wheat waste or hay straw at a feed testing laboratory, then checked by ration balancing to meet the farm animals’ needs for each stage.As one of the leading exporters of wheat straw products Mbu Traders ensures top quality delivered in a timely manner. With hundreds of thousands of tons of product going out every year, our reach is global. Our wheat straw and straw forage products are known throughout the world.

Mbu Traders has the highest standards in quality, and have established initiatives to accomplish top quality. We have traceability of all chemicals and pesticides applied to the fields, allowing us to ensure safe feed. We are also able to trace all of our product back to each field to know exactly how and when it was harvested. These practices ensure that our customers are getting the best product possible to meet their forage needs.