Best Alfalfa Hay

Alfalfa is in the same plant family as peas, beans and clover. It is also known as legumes hay. This is one of the best sources to provide fiber and a rich source of minerals and vitamins, it also contains up to 22% of crude protein. Alfalfa is used to feed several animals, including horses, cattle, chickens, turkey and sheep. Feeding animal’s alfalfa hay helps produce better wool, meat, milk and other products. People who own farm animals know the importance of this hay. There is a big demand for Alfalfa hay in all over the world.
Alfalfa has been cultivated for fodder for horses for over 2000 years originating from Iran and then spreading across the world as Persians, Greeks and Romans expanded their empires and took their horses and their feed with them. There is a reason alfalfa is still used for feeding to horses today and that’s because it is safe and nutritious.

Alfalfa hay By MBU Traders

Right now, alfalfa hay is in demand for both international and domestic markets. Mbu Traders is one of the largest alfalfa hay exporters from Pakistan. Pakistani Alfalfa hay contains more nutritional values than any other grass or hay available in the market.

It has low fiber content in it and more calcium and proteins.Hay will help the cattle breeders to increase milk production by cows. Mbu Traders provides its customers with the best quality alfalfa hay in multiple origins of the world. Here at Mbu Traders , we manage every order with precision.


We always pay proper attention to our customers needs and every order, processing, storage, and booking is managed with precision. Mbu Traders doesn’t compromise on the quality of the product and our service, no matter the order is more significant or small.

We always keep the highest standards for our products. We also take care of all extra content mixed with this hay during the tracing of chemicals and pesticides. All these steps are looked after carefully so our customers get the best quality alfalfa hay.